Matura 16 język angielski poziom podstawowy odpowiedzi

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Odpowiedzi do matury z języka angielskiego

Zadanie 1.

1.1. F

1.2. F

1.3. T

1.4. F

1.5. T

Zadanie 2.

2.1. B

2.2. E

2.3. A

2.4. C

Zadanie 3.

3.1. A

3.2. B

3.3. C

3.4. A

3.5. C

3.6. B

Zadanie 4.

4.1. E

4.2. F

4.3. A

4.4. C

Zadanie 5.

5.1. C

5.2. A

5.3. B

Zadanie 6.

6.1. A

6.2. D

6.3. B

6.4. D

6.5. C

Zadanie 7.

7.1. C

7.2. E

7.3. A

Zadanie 8.

8.1. A

8.2. B

8.3. B

8.4. C

8.5. C

Zadanie 9.

9.1. A

9.2. B

9.3. A

9.4. C

9.5. B

Zadanie 10.

Hi Susan,

My school friends and I can’t wait for our exchange trip. We have spent a lot of time preparing our show. It’s almost ready. We are going to present a short play about typical problems of teenagers. The script is based on situations from our everyday lives but it includes some historical elements as well! I am very nervous about performing. Normally I don’t have stage fright but this time I am going to sing a short song. It will be something new to me and I don’t feel I am talented enough… Shopping before the trip cheered me up, I bought some comfortable shoes. I normally wear high heels but since we have several walking excursions planned, I thought I should be prepared. While I am in Germany, I am planning to meet as many locals as possible. Hopefully this will help me improve my language skills!

I will write to you again soon.



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Matura 16 język angielski poziom podstawowy odpowiedzi.docx
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